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StarTree Community Edition currently includes a quick start of Apache Pinot and StarTree ThirdEye. The installation takes a few minutes. 
Apache Pinot is an open-source distributed OLAP store designed to accelerate analytical queries on mutable and immutable data coming from a variety of sources such as streaming, batch, and SQL.
StarTree ThirdEye is an anomaly detection, monitoring, and interactive root-cause analysis platform built for decision-makers and producers of data insights. It helps identify and predict anomalous behavior in real-time in rapidly changing massive time-series data based on historical patterns that are impossible to track manually. We are making it source available! 

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All-in-One Anomaly Detection, Monitoring, & Root-Cause Analysis

Using ThirdEye anomaly detection and interactive root-cause analysis experience, one can fast-track problem-solving and improve decision-making with unleashed actionable insights from anomalous events.


What is StarTree ThirdEye?


Onboard Metrics/KPIs

Connect to real-time and offline data to detect outliers at a massive scale with Apache Pinot


Detect Anomalies

Understand what went wrong by identifying data pattern changes with intelligent alerts


Fast-Track Problem Solving

Use interactive root-cause analysis to gain insights into the anomaly and what caused it